Malbork – Malbork Castle (Golden Gate)

One positive element about walking around Malbork Castle with no other visitors nearby was that I could look at decorative features without getting in the way or being in the photos of around ten other people. Even the audio guide noted that you should look in depth at this gateway if you were fortunate enough to have the space and opportunity, as it’s a highlight of the castle. It’s the only surviving original gateway that is left within the castle and dates to the late thirteenth century (or early fourteenth century, depending on what source you prefer).

The Gothic gateway is the entrance to St. Mary’s Church, which has recently been repaired following the rapid repairs that were undertaken following the destruction during the Second World War.

The details of some of the figures, and this gateway into the chapel is impressive today, so it must have made for quite a site for the visitors to the castle in the thirteenth century. The church was within the original hub of the castle complex and so the monks would have regularly walked through this doorway for their prayers and devotions. The colours are vibrant as well, that’s one thing I’ve never understood about many modern day cathedrals and churches, they’ve become quite drab in their decoration, but they weren’t usually constructed to be like that in the medieval period.

And when they walked through that door they entered this chapel, with its newly restored roof. All really quite beautiful.