London – Kensington and Chelsea (Borough of) – Brompton Cemetery (Henry Breakspear)

This grave is located at Brompton Cemetery in London and commemorates the life of Henry Breakspear. There’s not a lot of information at the Commonwealth War Graves web-site, but as is noted on the grave, his service number was 2273 and he was a trooper in the 1st Life Guards of the Household Cavalry. He was born in Handborough in Oxfordshire and enlisted at Oxford.

He was married to Mary Breakspear on 26 October 1903 and they had two children, Olive Mary (born 22 December 1903) and Stella Elizabeth (born 5 May 1907). For some reason they were with their uncle and aunt’s on the day of the 1911 census, at Tamworth Street in Fulham. The family though usually lived in West Brompton, hence why he’s buried here.

His military records remain and it notes that he had served as a soldier before, signing up on 13 September 1900. He served in France between 15 August 1914 and 23 May 1915, then again between 17 March 1916 and 8 August 1916 when he received injuries on the battlefield.

Henry returned to the UK and was admitted to the London General Hospital on Denmark Hill, which was also known as the Fourth London General Military Hospital or King’s College Hospital. His medical notes record that he died of septicemia from his wounds, which the doctor confirmed was related to his injuries.