London – Havering (Borough of) – Upminster – Crumpled Horn

As a slight declaration of interest, I received a free drinks voucher for this pub, hence why I thought I’d pop in. The pub is run by Marstons and the voucher should have been for a free pint of any ale. I can’t really complain that they didn’t have any, since I was taking their free gesture anyway, but Marstons are a big brewer and it isn’t ideal they had entirely run out.

The welcome was very personable, with the staff here seeming particularly friendly. There was an elderly customer that they spent some time on, it all seemed a pub that the community could call their own. The pub was also clean and the staff were taking the health situation seriously.

I could have had a pint of Fosters, but that thought really didn’t appeal, hence the free white wine. I bought the crisps and they were rather lovely. I’m not really a wine person, but it tasted OK, that’s about my limit of comment on that. The pub is reasonably well reviewed, but there are a few comments running through that they’re offering no craft beer and their choice of real ales is either weak or not there at all. Unfortunately, this is a lager-led pub, but then again, if that’s what keeps them busy, I guess that’s working for them. But, for decent beer, I’d recommend the Upminster Taproom.