London – Hammersmith and Fulham (Borough of) – Ibis Earls Court (Third Visit)

In danger of repeating myself, but I’ll take that risk, this was my third visit to the Ibis at Earl’s Court. A short walk from West Brompton underground station, it’s a huge hotel which is running significantly under occupancy by the looks of it. The receptionist remembered me, although I imagine that there aren’t that many guests to have to recall at the moment. And I probably made some faux pas that made me memorable.

The welcome drink of Leffe, once again, which is something a little different to what is offered by other Ibis hotels. I accept it’s not the most exotic drink that they could have, but it brings some slight excitement to proceedings. Although it wasn’t as good as the drink at the Craft Beer Co at Old Street that I’d had shortly before, but I digress.

Room number 1010 on the tenth floor, which was next door to room 1009 that I had last week (I don’t expect anyone to care about that, but it interests me, which is case again that I need to get out more). This is something that the hotel isn’t doing brilliantly on, which is keeping guests at least slightly apart. If the hotel is near empty, it probably makes sense to put gaps between occupied rooms, not particularly for health reasons, but for noise reasons.

This is a new addition to proceedings, a selection of soaps. Normally these are in dispensers, and they still are in this room, but this was extra and I didn’t have this on my last two visits. Perhaps it’s a welcome gift to reward me for my loyalty, I’ll pretend that to myself. As I’ve drivelled on about before, this is a clean hotel and although it probably needs a little refurbishment, it’s all organised and the staff are suitably helpful. The cleaner was so chatty I struggled to get away, but I appreciated the positive attitude at the hotel.

Given the Government’s announcement about a potential lockdown, well, the Daily Mail’s announcement about a potential lockdown, it might be a while before I’m back at this hotel….