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London (Central) – Shoreditch Underground Trains on Offices

These four former Jubilee underground carriages have become a little bit of a local tourist site in Shoreditch, now being used as offices on top of a building.

The trains are located on a railway viaduct which is part of the old line which went into Broad Street railway station. That’s the railway station to the left of Liverpool Street Station on the above map, and it was demolished in 1986 as it had become surplus to requirements.

So, on the above map, the railway line on the right is the current Liverpool Street to Norwich line, and the railway line on the left has been terminated where it ended at Broad Street and joined up with the section of railway line which is showing as a dead end above. The four tube carriages are located on the piece of line which has thus fallen out of use.

The railway carriages can’t be visited by the public other than on special open days, but they are available for private hire as they do offer something of a talking point.