London – Camden (Borough of) – Holborn – The Holborn Whippet

This pub in Holborn has an interesting name and, more importantly, is listed in the Good Beer Guide. As an aside, the 2021 edition is out next week, so I might be visiting locations that have already been removed from it. Such is the jeopardy I live with…. Or something like that, but anyway, I digress.

There’s a focus on small craft breweries, with the prices being reasonable given the central London location. I opted for the Railway Porter from The Five Points Brewing Company, a small brewery from Hackney. It was a solid porter with a richness to it and plenty of chocolate flavour, although the aftertaste was a bit limited. Still a decent option though.

The pub wasn’t particularly busy and drinks were brought to the table with customers asked to scan a QR code to order. Service was polite, but perhaps routine, and it felt a comfortable location to be in. This was previously one of the small chain known as Father’s Study, a slightly bizarre concept which didn’t last long. Before then the location was used as a cafe called Yum Nation.