Leicester – The Salmon

Continuing with our trip to every Good Beer Guide listed pub in Leicester, this is the Salmon on Butt Close Lane (I make no comment on that, but it isn’t perhaps an ideal residential address). As with the King’s Head we visited yesterday, the pub is operated by Black Country Ales who I’ve become quite impressed with.

The pub had a slightly quirky feel to it, but in a positive way and the staff member was enthusiastic, polite and engaging. I’ve noted that a few pubs in the area serve good value cobs, here there are £2 options which include cheese & onion or ham & tomato amongst other options. It’s best I don’t start buying these, as I’d likely end up buying about four.

I was very impressed with this list of beers, lots of different styles and three darker options. These screens make it so much easier for customers to see what’s available, I’d like to see set-ups like this more often.

And what a drink to start with, the Creme Bearlee from Beartown Brewery, a milk stout that was as smooth as Michael Gove’s dancing in Aberdeen. Rich with tastes of molasses, vanilla and coffee, this could be a dessert if someone shoved a flake in it. Glorious tasting little beer.

I was only going to stay for one, but I felt the need to just work through a couple of other options on the beer menu. I have to note that this drink was served with a hair in it, which wasn’t ideal, but I let that matter fly (and indeed the hair). This is the Dragon Smoke from Beowulf Brewing Company and it had a beautiful smoky flavour as its name suggests, a touch of decadence.  There was some coffee evident in the taste, with a richness of flavour, although the aftertaste didn’t linger quite as much I would have liked. But still delightful.

Finally, the New Alchemist from Plan B Brewery, a microbrewery from Newport, this didn’t have quite the richness I expected, but it was suitably refreshing.

Back to the pub, I really liked it here, evident as I stayed longer than expected. Other customers spoke to me, the barman was friendly and this was another pub which felt like somewhere that a newcomer moving to the area could visit and find friends. This is an essential factor in a decent community pub in my mind, somewhere which serves its locality and brings people together. Another really delightful entry into the Good Beer Guide and it’s unlikely that I’d have found it otherwise as it’s very slightly off the beaten track. All very lovely.