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Leicester – King’s Head

Carrying on my visits around Good Beer Guide pubs in Leicester, which my friend Ross has managed to keep up with, this is the King’s Head on King Street.

I had already eaten enough, but those samosa and spring rolls for £1 looked really quite tempting. My first impressions of the pub were positive not because of the food which is hard to miss, but because there was no annoying music and instead just quiet conversation and peacefulness. Now I’ve reached 30 (just), I can’t be doing with all this raucous noise. The pub goes back a fair way and there’s also a roof terrace with extra seating, but I didn’t meander off that far.

I’ve now realised that these screens are used across Black Country Ales pubs, including the Salmon which I went to yesterday and also The Craven Arms in Birmingham where I went a few weeks ago, and the Wellington in Birmingham where I’ve been several times. Anyway, there’s a decent selection there of different beer styles and some interesting options. The staff member was also polite and helpful, all very positive.

There was only one darker beer available and it’s also my last drink of my time in Leicester, so not a bad one to finish on at all, the King Korvak’s Saga by Fownes Brewing Company. Rich, smooth and with decadent flavours of coffee, all rather lovely.

As a pub, I very much liked this one, and indeed I’m now going to look out for Black Country Ales pubs as it has taken me a while to realise that I’ve been to several and been impressed with them all. Laid-back, friendly, calm and welcoming, just what a pub should be and I’m very pleased that the King’s Head is in the Good Beer Guide.