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Leicester – The Globe

This was the first pub we visited this week on what proved to be an expedition to all of the Good Beer Guide pubs in central Leicester.

My first impressions were all very positive as the building looked interesting and there was also an information board outside about the pub’s history. It has been serving beer since at least 1720 with ales once brewed using the well which is still located beneath the building. It’s possible that the pub’s name comes from the larger glass globes of water that framework knitters placed in windows to help give them more light to work by. The current building dates from the late eighteenth century and its been owned by Everards since the late nineteenth century.

The snug area towards the front.

Despite the threats of ghosts, we decided to sit in the snug….. So very brave. I can report that no ghostly activity took place that we were aware of. On this whole haunting matter, the pub’s web-site mentions:

“Prior to becoming a public house, the Globe had several interesting uses, including a cattle merchants and accommodation for women awaiting impending execution at the hands of the noose man in nearby Gallowtree Gate. This may go some way to explaining the reported haunting within the premises, which includes the ghost of a woman on the stairs, two disagreeing brothers that argue over the bar and a young boy in the cellar who turns off the beer!”

The beer selection wasn’t ideal for my tastes, with no darker options although the Old Original from Everards was acceptable enough. The pub is operated by Ever So Sensible which has twelve or so sites, but they seem to be restricted to beers from Everards.

The service at the bar was friendly and the environment seemed welcoming and comfortable. Food is served here throughout the day, although I only saw one person ordering a meal, but the reviews are mostly positive. As an aside, the pub has a few negative reviews that really aren’t ideal, I’m never sure that chains like this should have a blanket policy of not bothering to reply. There’s an allegation of an assault that took place recently at the pub, and although review sites aren’t perhaps the place to air these things I’d like to see the venue at least suggest that they’re taking it seriously, even if they don’t comment on the actual incident.

The pub was clean and it’s great that such an historic building is listed in the Good Beer Guide, I like to see pub heritage. There was nothing wrong for me to comment about on the visit, but ideally I’d have liked some slightly more exciting beer options, but they seem to be tied to Everards which perhaps gives them little freedom.