Las Vegas – Raising Cane’s Chicken

[I’ve now visited this chain’s flagship outlet on the Strip]

And with my last post being about fine dining in a French restaurant (or if not fine dining then close enough) it meant that the next meal needed to be one which I could tick off my fast food chain list. And this was Cane’s, a Louisiana based chicken restaurant where they claim that their chicken fingers are always fresh and never frozen. They have, according to Wikipedia, 432 locations across the United States which have mostly opened over the last few years. They’re started an international expansion, although there aren’t yet any in the UK.

The four piece combo meal, although the lovely staff gave me five pieces of chicken for reasons unknown. I like to think it was because they thought I deserved it, but they probably just miscounted. The chicken did seem freshly cooked and was moist and tender, with the coating being crispy and flavoursome. The crinkle cut chips were sufficiently salty and the American style coleslaw added texture, taste and some colour to the proceedings. The Texas Toast, which seemed to be some form of soft garlic bread, I wasn’t so excited by though, although I later realised I could have swapped it for more chips. Anyway, always worth trying…

Service was friendly, although it’s one of those places where you give your name and they call it out. I prefer numbers, avoids any issues with spelling names, although it all worked out on this one. The restaurant was surprisingly cold in terms of the temperature with a gale running through it from the back door to the front, but I like cold, so this suited me. The drinks were self-pour and unlimited refills, as with most of the US, which again suited me as I like binge drinking sugary soda drinks.

Anyway, as fast food chains go, this gets my seal of approval. I don’t actually have a seal to make an impression to give to the restaurant, but I liked it and it all seemed well managed and clean. The quality of the chicken was excellent and this is another restaurant that is much better than KFC, perhaps one of the most inconsistent chains that there is (especially in the UK). I hope that they open in the UK in due course…..