Las Vegas – Mon Ami Gabi

Time for a decent French meal….. This is the Mon Ami Gabi, located at the Paris Las Vegas casino on the main strip. The restaurant was larger than I expected and the service was attentive and professional, with the entire operation seemingly well managed. Actually, to run a restaurant that is this popular with the efficiency that they did was quite remarkable. For those who wanted to eat inside (me) that was an option, but there’s also a patio area externally where you can sit in the heat with everyone watching you.

The baguette and carrot, er, heap is compliments of the restaurant. Both were excellent.

The beer selection wasn’t particularly impressive with some rather generic options available. The on-line menu was better than the one that we were presented with, with no decent dark beers available. This is the Evocation Saison from Crafthaus in Las Vegas, which was acceptable, but they didn’t have the Belching Beaver peanut butter stout they mentioned on-line.

The chicken Caesar salad with frites, all very lovely. The chicken was not quite as firm as I’d have ideally liked in terms of the texture, but it had a decent flavour. The salad itself was excellent, lots of flavour and evenly coated, all tasting feeling authentically French. The pommes frites were crispy and firm and were deliciously salty, I like them seasoned like that.

The prices were moderate given the location and the portion size was more than I expected. The restaurant was generously staffed and so service was never an issue. For the perfect visit, I’d have wanted a better beer selection though, but since it’s a French restaurant they have perhaps focused on the wine. However, all rather lovely.