Knapton – St. Peter and St. Paul’s Church (James Riesbrow)

It took me a little while to work out this name, but it’s the grave of James Riesbrow, located in Knapton’s church. It’s such a rare name that this is the only person I can find in the country over the last few centuries with that name, which makes tracking him down that bit easier.

James was married to Mary Means at the church on 14 October 1759 and the ceremony was witnessed by Charles Coleby and James Downing. It’s clear the clerk was confused by the name as well, trying to originally spell it as Riesborough. James died at the age of 48 on 7 June 1778 and I note that someone with the same surname was buried at the church in 2018, so the name has continued on.

There aren’t that many graves from the late 1700s that remain in Norfolk’s churchyards, particularly not in this good a condition.