Cambridge – Pint Shop

There are a surprising number of Good Beer Guide listed pubs in Cambridge which are closed at the moment, a few because they are usually shut on Mondays, the rest still not re-opened after the health issue. So, it seemed a good moment to go with Nathan’s recommendation of the Pint Shop.

There’s a restaurant area upstairs, this is the ground floor bar area and it’s a comfortable and clean environment. It was surprisingly quiet, especially as it’s ‘eat out to help out’, although I think there were a few people in the restaurant upstairs and they seemed to be taking a fair number of bookings for the evening. The pub is well-reviewed, although I was amused by the negative review they picked up from someone who accused them of using a quail’s egg in their Scotch Egg.

The beer options in the pub, and I went for number 10, which is the Banana’s, No Pyjama’s from 71 Brewing, although I asked if they’d cut it down to a third, which they willingly did. I did try and set up a tab, and I couldn’t work out whether they weren’t keen or were trying to be helpful to take payment individually, but that messed up an Amex Shop Small offer and so I just had the one drink. Service was though personable and warm, it felt a welcoming environment.

I spent some time deciding whether or not I liked the beer, and ultimately, I decided I didn’t. The flavours were so subtle as to be nearly impossible to discern, no noticeable banana and the maple syrup was only evident as some slight sweetness in the drink. The drink was served at the appropriate temperature, so I’m not sure why the drink lacked in flavour, although as a stout it was perfectly pleasant. But, it needed some taste of banana given its name and so I’m verging of the opinion that something has gone wrong at the brewery.

All rather peaceful and the staff seemed genuinely friendly, and I liked the engagement and also thanking customers as they left. They had a suitable range of different beer styles to choose from, including two dark options. As a pub, this is perfectly delightful and I’d merrily come again, although I think I’d choose a different drink next time.