Hull – Streetlife Museum (Ryde Pier Tramcar)

This is the oldest surviving tramcar in the country, having once plied the tramway network of Ryde Pier (I’ve been there). When I say network, I really mean the 681 metres along the pier itself, but that meant it saw a lot of the sea. It was constructed in 1867 from mahogany and teak, and it remained in use until 1935, by then the oldest working tramcar in the country.

Inside the tramcar, which has been restored to its original state, with seating for 22 people. Later on in its lifetime, seats were added on the roof, but there was a little incident in September 1935 when it quite literally hit the buffers, meaning that it was damaged beyond repair. Fortunately (although not for them), there were only two passengers on board, with one of them being taken to hospital.

There’s a bit of the Trigger’s Broom about this, as I wonder just how much of the original 1867 tramcar still remains, but it’s a nice thought to imagine this meandering up and down the pier full of happy holidaymakers going on their holidays.