Harlington – White Hart

After the disappointing service at the nearby Botwell Inn, this was the other option in the Good Beer Guide. It’s a large venue which is over 200 years old (although no doubt much expanded over that time), retaining an almost country pub feel to it, despite its now urban surroundings.

The pub sign at the restaurant end of the building, although I hadn’t initially distinguished that there were two entrances. The whole set-up is actually marginally confusing, as despite the large size there weren’t very many tables for drinkers, being a bit dominated by tables for diners. I assume that when it’s quiet the pub doesn’t mind drinkers using their restaurant tables, but I didn’t find it immediately obvious.

The beer selection wasn’t particularly exciting, but the staff member was talking about the options that were going on later that day. The options that he spoke of sounded excellent and included a porter. However, given what was present at the time of my visit, I settled for half a pint of London Pride.

The London Pride was well presented in a branded Fuller’s glass and it tasted well-kept and was at the appropriate slightly chilled temperature. It cost £2.10 which seemed a reasonable price given that the pub is nearby to Heathrow Airport.

The customer service in this pub was excellent, perhaps the local Wetherspoons could try and pinch some of the White Hart’s staff. There was a warm welcome when I entered the pub, immediate acknowledgement at the bar, prompt service, engaging service and a feel of professionalism.

I was tempted by the food menu, but decided to refrain on this occasion, but the reviews of the pub’s food are routinely positive. Specifically I decided to refrain as my phone battery was low and the pub has installed power points which can’t be used by the public. It’s their choice, but they’re probably pushing against the tide if they wish to continue that policy.

The pub was clean and organised throughout, so it felt a comfortable environment. The strongest element here was though the customer service, it was friendly, personable and immediate, so I’d return here again.