Greater Anglia : Norwich to Chelmsford

And off again from Norwich railway station, to the exotic climes of Chelmsford and the shiny new (well, newish) train was sitting ready at platform 1.

The train was packed in Norwich……

There was a little confusion as the platform information screens were displaying conflicting information and then the train lights and power went out. The doors were locked shut for around ten minutes, although I did wonder whether they could be opened from the inside if required. The passengers on board looked suitably confused, but I remained hopeful that I was on the right train. Fortunately, about ten minutes before departure, the lights came back on and other customers could get on.

The train did get busier on the way to Chelmsford and this is the busiest that I’ve seen the London train over recent months. It was still possible for customers to get a table to themselves, but only just. The refreshments trolley is back going up and down the train, although something strange has happened to the prices. A confused customer opposite was charged £1 for his coffee and when he queried it, the staff seemed equally confused as to why he was questioning this. £1 is way below the publicised price, but if there’s an offer on, perhaps that should be advertised. Anyway, the journey was all smooth and otherwise uneventful.

And arriving at Chelmsford railway station on time, the first time that I’ve ever visited this city. I’ve also discovered today that it’s the only city in Essex and also the county town, which I would say is a fun fact, but I’m not sure how fun it actually is. The fare was £8 for a single which is very reasonable, especially since that’s cheaper than going from Norwich to much nearer destinations such as Great Yarmouth, Cambridge and Ely.