Greater Anglia : London Liverpool Street to Norwich

This was the 22:30 back to Norwich from London Liverpool Street and it again had Stansted Express branding on the carriages and there were no tables, which isn’t exactly ideal.

The train wasn’t particularly busy and there was plenty of space, making social distancing easy. The guard was clearly fuming at a group of lads who had walked down the train without masks on. She made that very clear with her lengthy announcement and she used some rather direct language to tell “the children” what she thought of them. And then there was soon another announcement telling the same group to get their feet off the seats as she could see them on CCTV.

As I’ve mentioned before, it’s exciting to have a little drama and I was pleased that she was paying so much attention to what was happening on the train. It would have been easy for the guard to just ignore the situation of people not wearing masks and it must be hard at the moment as they’re not meant to walk up and down the train. The train was relatively clean, although it didn’t have First Class or a buffet car, which would be annoying for those people who had upgraded their tickets and now had to claim a refund back.

Anyway, for £10 I got back from London to Norwich safely and on time, so it’s hard to complain too much about that.