Gdynia – Surfburger

Not the clearest of photos of the exterior of the restaurant unfortunately….. Surfburger is a little bit of a local burger institution, having well reviewed outlets in Gdynia, Sopot and in Gdansk. And I do like visiting the highest rated burger and pizza restaurant in a city, so this met my requirements as the best rated burger option.

The menu and my Fritz-Kola, although they do also sell craft beer. The service was excellent as it was friendly, attentive and polite. It’s not a large restaurant, but there was sufficient space when I was there as there were only two other customers. It’s a comfortable place though, all clean and ordered, with customers ordering at the counter. There’s also a nice and simple order number process, which is a piece of paper with the order number on which is then called out.

The burger and chips. They took just over twenty minutes to arrive, which was a little longer than I had anticipated, but if that’s the cost of freshly made food, it’s worth it. The chips smelt like they were from a fish & chip shop, so this pleased me greatly as I could pretend that I was back at Grosvenor.

The caramel burger and it took me a little while to work out exactly what I was getting, with Google Translate producing some slightly inaccurate results. It transpired that this was a beefburger served with goat’s cheese from Norway, which had a caramel flavour. There was also tomato and red onion which added some texture, along with some lettuce and lime sauce. I wasn’t asked how I wanted the burger cooked, but it was moist and flavourful, quite a rich taste. The bun held together whilst eating it, with the burger being well presented.

The price was a little high for Poland, around £7.25 for the burger, chips and drink, but I thought it was perfectly decent value given the quality. There were no real negatives about the visit, I might well visit the branches in Sopot and Gdansk when I’m next in those cities.