Florence – Museo della Misericordia (Misericordia Brothers Offering Charity)

As a background, the Museo della Misericordia is a museum in Florence which highlights the centuries of charitable work from the Brothers of Mercy. The charitable work had to be conducted anonymously, which personally I’d consider a right nightmare, I’d at least want to be recognised for all my goodness. Although I suppose it makes it easier for those who get bored offering their charity, they can sneak off and they won’t be recognised.

Anyway, it’s that requirement for anonymity that is behind this painting of the charitable work which the members of the Brothers of Mercy were responsible for. To this day, the charity is still engaged in helping the injured and sick, providing social transport, medical help at sports matches and home care. This artwork is by Pittore Fiorentino and was painted in the second half of the nineteenth century. At first, it all looks a bit sinister, it’s only when looking for longer that the selfless acts of kindness are noticeable.