Florence – Museo degli Innocenti (Christ the Redeemer by Vincenzo Ulivieri)

This representation of Christ the Redeemer was painted by Vincenzo Ulivieri, or perhaps Francesco Morandini (also known as Poppi) but I’ve lost something in translation as the gallery states this was painted in 1530 on wood. That might make sense, but the same gallery information board says Ulivieri lived from 1565 until 1600 and Morandini lived from 1544 until 1597, so something doesn’t quite work there.

Dating of the painting to one side, it’s a copy of the artwork painted by Andrea del Sarto in around 1515 for the Santissima Annunziata. This copy was commissioned by Vincenzo Borghini, a Benedictine monk who was the rector, or prior, at the Ospedale degli Innocenti from 1552. To my untrained eye, the painting of the face looks a little crude, but the colours remain rather vibrant and the face of Christ looks warm and compassionate.