Ely – Ely Stones

I thought that this was an interesting idea, they’re stones placed into the brickwork of the market which reflect various parts of the town’s history and heritage. Some of the stones were under the market stalls when I visited, but the above sign names the 12 different stones.

The stones are:

(i) City of Ely Crest

(ii) Ribe Crest

(iii) East Cambridgeshire District Council Crest

(iv) Ely Cathedral

(v) Cambridgeshire Regiment

(vi) Showman’s Guild of Great Britain

(vii) Princess of Wales Royal Air Force Hospital

(viii) HMS Walpole

(ix) Barrell and Grapes

(x) Eels and Basket

(xi) Windmill

(xii) Wheatsheaf

The Ely Cathedral stone.

The Showman’s Guild of Great Britain stone.