Chelmsford – Random Urban Archaeology

OK, I admit there’s no real archaeology here. But this is the view from my hotel window and I puzzled over why the road and roundabout looked a bit strange and put it down to the road once going straight through. As it happened, this was an event in Chelmsford, it was a flyover which was pulled down a few months ago. They quite liked the flyover in the city, but it was falling down and the engineers agreed that this wasn’t ideal. So they knocked it down in case it fell down on some cars and lorries. And, I think it all looks better now without having it, although car drivers in the area probably don’t agree as apparently the roundabout is now too busy. Well, there’s a solution here, and that’s more public transport. But, I digress.

It’s an aside really, I like how urban development changes a landscape and traces of it remain. I need to get out more, I admit.