Cambridge – Fitzwilliam Museum

I’ll write about some individual items in the collection that I think are interesting in separate posts (everyone should contain their excitement….) but it’s fair to say that the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge was as quiet this morning as I’ve ever seen it before.

I had a ticket, which are free of charge, to get in at 10:00 and the staff here are really very friendly and most welcoming. Some visitors were turned away as they didn’t have tickets and the museum clearly wanted to be very much in control of the numbers. I noted that backpacks had to be carried by hand, which would have been fine, but the most helpful lady near to the entrance was more than happy for me to use their free lockers and that made things much easier.

I spent a couple of hours in the museum and, certainly, for the first hour, there were more staff members than there were visitors. Everything was spotlessly clean and it’s clear that great efforts have been made to try to work out the visitor flow. It’s not always obvious, but it mostly is, with the entrance being shifted to the courtyard rather than the standard main entrance area.

Anyway, some photos of how the museum looked……