Burton upon Trent – Last Heretic

To provide a little context, we visited this pub in Burton whilst on our sixth LDWA 100 training walk.

This was our first Good Beer Guide pub of the day and, to be honest, the Last Heretic was a joy to behold. It’s a micro-pub that was formerly a commercial shop and it opened here in May 2016. Whatpub gives the explanation of the pub’s name, which is:

“The pub is named after Edward Wightman, a resident of Burton but born in Burbage (near Hinckley, Leicestershire), who was the last person to be executed for heresy in England. He was burnt at the stake in Lichfield in 1612, where a plaque commemorates the event.”

This is the sort of well-balanced beer selection that I like, with two dark beers available, the Antracite from 3 P’s brewery in Woodville and the Plum Porter from Titanic. Titanic are one of my favourite breweries and it’s always a delight to see their products available.

But, the chocolate mint chip flavoured Antracite was the intriguing one here. The situation was a little confusing as the beer didn’t appear on Untappd, but some Googling suggests that this is a new local brewery and there’s an air of mystery about it. It’s clear though that it’s producing some rather excellent beers. The beer had a beautiful flavour of the promised chocolate and mint, although it perhaps could have been just that bit richer with a fuller aftertaste. Anyway, that sounds critical and it isn’t, as this beer was way towards the higher end of the scale. And, I would have given it that if I could find it on Untappd, as well as certainly ordering it again if I see it.

The service was friendly and the surroundings were clean, well maintained and organised. There were numerous ciders to choose from and some well thought out craft beer options in cans. The pub is offering a takeaway service, and indeed even some delivery services, a proper contribution to the local community. I only noticed after leaving, when looking at a photo of their blackboard, that they sell locally produced pork pies as well.

The pub’s entry into the Good Beer Guide is absolutely and entirely justified, this is a beautiful piece of micro-pubbing and I very much liked their efforts to source locally where they could. It was tempting to stay for longer, but we had limited time and numerous other pubs to investigate. But, it’s a pub to return to.