British Airways : Minimum Connection Time Between Flights at Heathrow Update

I excited the nation with my fascinating post a couple of weeks ago about my flight being shifted from Heathrow T5 to T3 which then meant it failed to meet the minimum connection time between terminals at the airport. I was interested to see how long it would take BA to notice from when they shifted the flights on 4 July 2022.

It’s 18 July today, so exactly two weeks, and I’ve got an email saying they’ve agreed to the changes I’ve requested. I haven’t requested any such thing, which makes me slightly pre-annoyed. They’ve shunted my entire journey forwards a few hours, so I would leave Dublin at 06:30, arrive into London at 08:00 at T2 (they’ve switched me to an Aer Lingus flight), then depart T5 at 09:40.

I’m going to phone BA as that’s a very tight connection at the moment for Heathrow and changing terminals, and because they’ve shunted my Dublin to Heathrow flight forwards, they could have left the Heathrow to New York flight in place. Not least because it leaves from T3 which gives me more time at the Qantas lounge and I would prefer to fly on American Airlines rather than BA. I shall call them up and will report back on how I get on….