Bonn – The Quiet Man

Before our exciting train journey back to Luxembourg, we had just enough time left in Bonn to visit one more pub and we went for The Quiet Man, just a short walk from the railway station. It’s a cellar bar and it felt like a welcoming environment, with the barman being pro-active and engaging.

In the Murphy’s versus Guinness debate, I’m a fan of the former as it’s sweeter than Guinness, although I’ll happily drink either of them.

There was some football on the television and I could hardly take my eyes off it, or something like that….. The barman checked if we wanted more drinks, and showing some considerable restraint and responsibility, we felt that one was probably enough (one each, not one between us) given the long train journey. There was German and English being spoken at the bar and it seemed to be one of those locations that anyone could go who wanted a conversation.

We didn’t order food, but there was a menu which listed pizza, fish & chips, topped chips, jacket potatoes and the like, with the on-line reviews for this pub looking consistently positive. If I was in Bonn again, I’d happily come here, there was a calm and laid-back feel to the atmosphere and it’s in that sense ideal for a pre-rail journey drink.