Bonn – St. Remigius Church

This Catholic church was originally a Franciscan monastery, constructed between 1272 and 1317 with its own refectory, bakery, brewery and slaughterhouse. The new church was built on an existing religious site, it’s thought that there was a Merovingian church here which dated from around 795.

The church was badly damaged by Brandenburg troops in 1689 with most of the interior being destroyed, although it wasn’t fully repaired until the 1730s. There was a large fire in 1888 and bomb damage during the Second World War which have combined together to mean that much of the interior is relatively modern. The Franciscans were forced out by the authorities during the nineteenth century, although they were allowed to return in 1957.

The church has the honour of being the location where Ludwig van Beethoven was baptised, with the church’s organ at that time being the largest in the city. The font and pulpit are though both survivors from the time of Beethoven, with the church being particularly proud of the font, which dates from 1740.

The side chapel. The church was all rather peaceful and calm, although there was no shortage of incense running throughout the interior. There’s also a strong student congregation at the church with links to the university.