Bialystok – White Bear Cafe

There are not many locations in Bialystok which have a branding and styling which makes them appear accessible for visitors to the city. This very well-reviewed cafe gave me the impression of being a contemporary place to visit, and it didn’t disappoint in that regard. Or indeed, in any regard come to think of it.

There’s a bit of a bear theme….

The selection of cakes. Ordering is at the counter and the staff member was welcoming and engaging, with customer names being called out when the order is ready.

I’m not entirely sure what I ordered here, but it had a pleasant taste and I don’t see red currants as often as I once did.

Very lovely coffee, a richness of taste and it was served at the appropriate temperature, namely not one that was boiling hot. I don’t quite understand the linkage, but the cafe owners appear to be involved with the coffee industry and that might explain the quality of the drink.

This is another one of those cafes where it’s clear that it’s popular with locals and visitors to the city. There were people meeting for a coffee, someone working on their laptop and someone reading a book, all suggesting a comfortable environment where customers feel welcome. The prices are reasonable and, perhaps without even trying to be, this is beautifully on-trend.