Barnsley – Market Kitchen (Nero Artisan Pizza)

Barnsley has just spent a lot of money on its new Glassworks building, which has involved constructing an entirely new market, all as part of the town’s regeneration. On the first floor is Market Kitchen, a series of independent food outlets in a food court type set-up. The external balcony of that is visible in the centre-right of the photo.

I was at first unimpressed at the arrangement, as it was full and there was nowhere really for me to sit. Even if I found a table, then I’d struggle to keep it whilst I went off to get something, so I thought I’d just walk around and then go somewhere else. Then I noticed there were signs saying that customers could, if they preferred, just sit at a table and use a QR code to order their food and have it brought over. I was entirely sold on that concept, it’s a really good idea and it meant that I could easily get something.

Indoors looked quite busy and I liked the outside, which is a little unusual for me. However, it was well covered and away from seagulls swarming about the place, although there was a killer wasp that I had a fight with later on.

There’s the view from my table, over towards the new library. There’s a lot of new stuff in Barnsley at the moment……

There was a choice of several different eateries and I faffed about reading the menus and trying to choose between the Thai, Indian and Turkish options, before going with pizza from Nero Artisan. I like pizza….. The drink was brought over after around four minutes or so, the pizza after ten minutes, so it felt efficient and I got what I ordered. I also liked that this was a different food court, not just seeing the same old chain restaurants. I very much like chain restaurants, but it’s nice to see something different from time to time.

The pizza tasted delicious, but it was way too slippery. I lost most of the toppings which slid off, which is fine as I could have them all at the end of the meal, but it wasn’t what I’d call an authentic Italian pizza. I did like the flavour of the base though and I loved the leopard spotting to the top of the pizza, all extra taste and texture. My heap of toppings tasted delicious at the end, no complaints there. I was very pleased with the taste of this whole arrangement, and indeed the concept of the entire market. I felt that someone has made a huge effort here to make it inclusive, accessible and something that Barnsley can be proud of. Very nicely done.