Barnsley – Tipsy Cow

I’m still taking it nice and slowly on the pub front in Barnsley this week, just one Good Beer Guide listed pub a day, with today’s little excursion being to the Tipsy Cow on Sackville Street.

The interior of the pub which isn’t very big, but there’s a bit more upstairs. It all seems quite modern and it’s something a little different from a micropub given that it feels like a new building and not just a conversion of an old shop.

The beer list and I was pleased with that choice of beers, it’s not that large, but there’s a range of styles and there was a dark beer that I hadn’t had. The customer after me spent ages perusing the menu before going for a Budweiser, but each to their own of course…. The service was polite enough, with everything feeling clean and organised in the pub.

There’s my drink of the day, half a pint of the Nutty Ambassador, a rich and partially decadent hazelnut stout from Little Critter Brewery. Also visible are my cheese and onion crisps and the pub’s gin menu, which is really quite extensive for a location this size.

I’m pleased that this pub is listed in the Good Beer Guide as it’s situated on a back street away from the centre, so I would have been unlikely to stumble upon it otherwise. A very nice little location and there’s extra outside seating now for those who like to sit outside fending off wasps and the like. It’s well reviewed on-line and it feels a well managed pub, so all very lovely.