Warsaw – Train from City Centre to Chopin Airport

Above is the S2 train having arrived into Warsaw Chopin Airport, so that’s the end of my one month stay in Poland. Well, assuming that my BA flight to London Heathrow arrives in as expected.

My tram hadn’t arrived into Warsaw city centre until just after the S2 train left from Warszawa Powiśle railway station to the airport. However, I hadn’t visited that railway station before, so I thought I’d meander around for thirty minutes until the next train. By chance, and surprisingly as Polish trains are normally so punctual, I managed to catch the train before which was running a few minutes late. I only just caught that as I had been faffing about reading history information boards, but it was a most convenient way of saving half an hour.

The train wasn’t particularly busy and arrived just a few minutes later than it should have done into the airport. I already had my day ticket for Warsaw public transport (which costs under £3), but it’s easy to buy tickets at machines throughout Warsaw city centre. I haven’t had my tickets checked at any time in Warsaw though, but there are quite steep fines for anyone who doesn’t have one and that acts as the deterrent.

So, all very lovely, although I’m not entirely thrilled to be leaving Poland.