Warsaw – Ibis Styles Warszawa City

This is Ibis Styles Warsaw City and I’ve also stayed this week in the Ibis Styles Centrum (which isn’t as central as city) and Ibis Styles Warsaw West (which was a glorified Ibis Budget as far as I’m concerned). This one is centrally located, a short walk (well, what I call a short walk) to the Old Town area of the city.

Compare and contrast to the room at the Ibis Styles Warsaw West and this is a country mile better, although it is a free room upgrade. Incidentally, I didn’t realise at first, but this Ibis Styles is styled around trams, hence the seating arrangement on the left of the above photo and the tram lines on the ceiling. They could have done with finding a tram to shove in reception to complete the theme, but I liked this whole set-up.

Big windows overlooking the city. Although that little window didn’t open and I do like fresh air and the sound of the city. Coffee and tea making facilities were also provided, as well as a bottle of water.

The welcome gift was two mini bottles of wine, which is much appreciated. I’d have loved a local craft beer, but I’m never one to knock such a kind gesture.

The drinks voucher, which seems to be the old style ones that I thought they’d done away with.

A beer, I have no idea what. It was small and drinkable, but unexciting. To be fair, they’d given me free wine, so I didn’t much mind. Incidentally, this was another hotel where the staff were friendly, personable and keen to help, particularly the lady at check-in who was particularly warm and engaging.

The reception area.

The breakfast room, which is on the seventh floor and is much larger than I expected. Self-service has been removed for the moment, so staff served food from a hot and cold selection. I don’t much like this style of service, but needs must.

My breakfast options, all entirely satisfactory as the breakfast came with the room. The hotel had done their best in the rather trying circumstances that we currently have.

Anyway, I liked this hotel and it was one of my favourites of the trip, although Accor generally surprise and delight me. Laid-back, comfortable and there were no noise issues either internally or externally. It was a large room with excellent views and I liked the welcome gift of wine, a reminder that I’m easy to please…..