Warsaw – Church of the Holy Spirit

There has been a church on this site since the fourteenth century, although the first building was destroyed in 1655 during the Swedish Wars. The current building dates from 1707 and like the nearby St. Hyacinth’s Church, it had to be repaired after Napoleon’s troops used it as a garrison. Again, like the neighbouring church, it was mostly destroyed during the Second World War.

The nave of the church, which reopened in 1956 following repairs which restored it to its pre-war look.

There was the sound of running water, which in UK churches is normally because some wit has stolen the lead from the roof, potentially destroying centuries of heritage and history. Anyway, here the matter was much more positive, it was a water feature for the church’s crib scene.

And a camel.

Another quiet church, although I’m sure it gets a lot of visitors in the summer, with a measured Baroque style.