Warsaw – Cafe Kafka

Located near to the Chopin Museum, this is a literary cafe and that’s something which I don’t think should be readily ignored….

Books, which can be purchased either individually or by paying 10zl (around £2) per kilo.

The cafe’s interior, all clean and comfortable.

The coffee was well presented and had a richness of taste to it. There’s not table service here, or at least I ordered at the counter, with the staff members being helpful and friendly. As per usual, I ordered in Polish and the staff member replied in English with the price, so my accent is obviously coming along beautifully.

Raisins? The little gingerbread figure was an agreeable touch.

Anyway, very lovely and reasonably priced. There’s also a nice lawned area to the side of the cafe, ideal for sitting outside during the warmer months of the year.