United States – Newark – Newark Penn Station

It’s a shame these photos were taken back in 2015 as the quality on my phone back then wasn’t great, but this is the seventh most used railway station in the United States and it has very frequent connections to New York.

It’s just visible if clicking on the photos, but the sign above them says that the seats can only be used by ticketed passengers and then for only two hours. They enforce that as well, or at least try to. The waiting room is grand in height, but not particularly large in size for such a busy railway station.

The railway station building dates to 1935, so is relatively recent, and was constructed during a period when railways were much more important to the transport infrastructure in the United States. It’s all about cars now, but at least this is one of the railway stations which has survived. The station was designed by McKim, Mead and White, who also designed one of the greatest railway stations in the world, Pennsylvania Station in New York. This was torn down in 1963 and was perhaps one of the worst architectural decisions made in New York, although it at least led to the creation of numerous heritage organisations.

I can’t recall exactly what was going on here, but it looks like something that I’ve constructed.