United States – Nevada – Las Vegas – White Castle

When I visited White Castle in January 2017 they had been open for a couple of years in this prominent Las Vegas strip location. But their move here was significant, it’s not a west coast company and this was their first opening in a new state for nearly 60 years.

I like White Castle and their products, they’re also one of the pioneering fast food companies in the United States and were crucial in the evolution of the hamburger. They sell sliders with customers getting four in a standard meal, along with the crinkle cut fries. Looking at the current prices across the United States, customers can get 20 sliders for $10, something which sounds tempting even as I type this….

The usual United States policy of unlimited refills applies here to sodas.

And the food, with everything being served in its own cardboard protective packaging, which isn’t perhaps ideal for the environment. The buns and burgers are quite soft, but the onion adds a little texture and the meat is flavoursome. The crinkle cut fries, which the restaurant proudly announces have been served like this for nearly 100 years, are crispy and appropriately salted (for my tastes anyway). The environment is clean and comfortable and there’s a reasonable amount of seating.

The service was exceptional, with the staff members being engaging and friendly. I remember the server introducing herself, a ridiculous level of engagement for a fast food restaurant when compared even to mid level casual dining restaurants in the UK. Service was fast paced and I’m now making myself miss White Castle…..