United States – Nevada – Las Vegas – Paradise Buffet

Located in the Fremont Casino is the all you can eat food option that is Paradise Buffet. These photos are from when I was there in January 2017, although the prices don’t seem to have changed much since then, it works out at around €8 not including the tip. This includes unlimited soft drinks, which are replaced at the table by the server at a formidable pace and always before I’d finished the previous one.

There are eight counters of different foods of various kinds and the choices do seem a little endless…..

And in no particular order, the photos of what I decided to eat during this visit. The tacos were one of my favourite elements, the desserts are slightly, well, unhealthy, but they looked so tempting. There’s technically a 90-minute limit in the restaurant, but during my two or three visits there they’ve never enforced that.