Torun – Jan Olbracht Browar Staromiejski

This is a brewery, bar and restaurant all in one, something of a traditional Bavarian beer-house. The building that it’s located in also has some heritage, its a Gothic fifteenth century tenement house.

The brewing equipment.

Barrels above the bar.

The beers which are brewed in-house.

I got the tasting set selection, the gingerbread beer was the best out of these with a pleasant initial taste, although a surprisingly weak aftertaste. All of the beers had some interesting flavours, but they didn’t have the depth or richness of flavour that I’d ideally like. All of the beers which are made here are also unfiltered and non-pasteurised.

However, the bar doesn’t fail in terms of its beer offerings, this is a really decent selection of different beers from around Poland. I went for the Sourtime Blueberry, because it’s from a brewery that I visited last week in Poland and they have some really innovative offerings. The beer was excellent, a depth of flavour, some sourness and a rich aftertaste, so a really good option.

One of the seating areas in the pub, which was relatively busy during my visit. They seemed to miss me coming in as they welcomed other diners, but the service at the bar was always polite. The service wasn’t always entirely attentive, but the environment was welcoming and the atmosphere was relaxed. There’s quite a large food menu to choose from as well, although it was just the beer experience for me today.

All in all, there’s a well thought out selection of different beers to cater for most tastes, including mine. A relaxing environment and I can imagine it has quite a vibrant atmosphere in the evenings.