The Quiet London Underground (Again)

As can be seen from the front page of the last four issues of the Evening Standard, the quietness of the Underground is causing great concern to many in London. Well, by many I mean those running the system, rather than the users of the network who are likely enjoying the opportunity to get a seat. It’s hard to see how TFL can continue to afford to operate the network in this way for much longer without subsidies.

These photos are from my travels yesterday and today. There are times of course when the service is a bit busier, but empty carriages are still common-place. At Earl’s Court, I walked down the steps onto the platform just as the tube train doors were closing, but they then re-opened to let me on (I assume it was for me, since I was by the driver’s door and there was no-one else visible). I’m not sure that’s what would usually happen in September in London…..I can’t see things getting much busier over the next few weeks either, the tourist season is fading away and office workers aren’t flocking back.