Szczytno – Pofajdok

Around the town are several mini statues and it appears that they are called Pofajdok. These, and I quote Wikipedia, are “young men, especially unmarried, who have an irresponsible, mocking and immature approach to life. They walk their own ways, but are kind and helpful”. Well, how quite marvellous!

I’m slightly disappointed that I didn’t get time to find all of them.

Jurand (a fictional figure from the novel Teutonic Knights).


Globetrotter. This is my favourite one   🙂

These two go together (you can see the second one at the back of the first photo) and it’s the same figure, known as charlatan.

This is lumberjack.

This is knight.

I’m not sure this one is anything to do with it, as it’s not on the list. But I liked it anyway   🙂

Firefighter (I took this from an unfortunate angle without realising).