Streets of Norwich – Britannia Road

Part of my Streets of Norwich project….

The first part of this road, when approaching from Kett’s Hill, consists of early twentieth century residential properties.

Then things become a bit more exciting, with Norwich prison appearing in view. This was formerly the site of the Britannia military barracks, which is where the street takes it name from. The barracks were constructed between 1885 and 1887, with the Royal Norfolk Regiment remaining there until 1959. It was also initially built to be used as a prison and this opened in 1887, meaning that the prison at Norwich Castle could be closed and turned into a museum. When the military moved out in 1959, the prison took over those buildings as well.

Until just a few months ago, this was the home of the Cafe Britannia, where prisoners were able to get customer service work experience. I’m not sure what happened, but the entire project collapsed, with the cafe being left empty (before Covid-19).

The former entrance to the barracks. At this point, the road splits in two directions, one to the left and the other to the right, but both are apparently still named Britannia Road.

The road to the left heads back down to Gurney Road, although is also where the road to the right goes to as well so it’d be hard for anyone to get too lost here. Although I can think of a couple of people I know who probably would.

There’s quite a rural feel to this part of the road.

As an aside, it’s worth walking down Britannia Road to get this view over the city.

The prison from the viewpoint.