San Diego

San Diego – Commons Bar

This bar in the Gaslamp Quarter of San Diego isn’t here any more, it closed in January 2018, which was three years after I visited.

The Commons was a sports bar, although that’s not rare in San Diego, but it was all clean and comfortable.

I remember deciding that I’d sit by the bar, which was modern and all on-trend at the time. It also wasn’t very busy, although that’s not surprising given that it was a weekday afternoon in January.

And this is evidence of my ever changing beer tastes, as it’s a Stones Pale Ale, which I’ve just discovered was discontinued shortly afterwards (they now make Pale Ale 2). Perfectly acceptable, but I’m not sure that I’d have picked that now if given a choice. Stone Brewing is a local company though and it has an international reputation, primarily for various types of IPA.

I like happy hours and there’s plenty of those about across the United States. Here I went for chicken wings, but I remember were perfectly acceptable. I know this as I’ve never had chicken wings in the United States that weren’t perfectly acceptable….