Riga – Cake House Amalija

I was walking by and this looked appealing….

The internal decor is a little bit Willy Wonka, but it’s certainly colourful. The cafe was busier than the photos look but it was mostly with children (and mothers), so I carefully avoided getting them in the photos.

The display of cakes, all beautifully presented.

The latte and green eclair, which also had green cream in it. I couldn’t identify a couple of the toppings by taste, but it was fresh and no doubt consisted of a huge amount of calories. The latte was hot, indeed so hot that it took around fifteen minutes to cool down to become drinkable.

Service was efficient and the staff member looked like he was enjoying being there, so perhaps he was an owner. Either way he was friendly and spoke perfect English. The cost of cake and latte was around £4, which for a cafe based in a central park didn’t seem unreasonable.