Redlingfield – Name Origin

We meandered through Redlingfield on our 27-mile walk at the weekend and this is what The Concise Oxford Dictionary of English Placenames says…..

Redlingfield, Suffolk. Radinghefelda in Domesday Book, Radlingefeld in 1166, Redlingefeld in 1203, Ridelingefeud in 1254 and Radelingfued in 1285. The feld of Raedel’s people or Raedla’s people. Raedel is found as the name of a moneyer.

A moneyer is a person who mints coins, with feld meaning an area of open land, usually free of trees. As an entirely irrelevant comment, I admire that locals have kept such a long place name for so long, it would have been easy to just shorten it over time to something like Redling.

The village is also where the Redlingfield Memorial is located.