Quincy – Hancock Cemetery (William Tompson)

This is the earliest headstone in the Hancock Cemetery, dating back to 1666. William Tompson was a puritan and was also the first Minister in Quincy, apparently known for his “intellect and zeal”. Tompson was born in 1597 in Lancashire, England, and was educated at Oxford University. He came to New England in 1636 and was the Minister in Quincy from September 1639 until his death in 1666.

Tompson’s son, Benjamin Tompson, is known as the first American poet and he was born in Braintree (which was later divided into two areas, one of which is Quincy) in July 1642 and he was educated at Harvard College. He died in April 1714 at the age of 71 and is buried in Roxbury, just to the south of Boston.