Poznan – Chmielnik

This craft beer pub is just a short walk away from the main square and had a rather modern feel to it from the outside.

As beer lists go, that’s pretty impressive for me, a dry stout, an imperial stout and an extra stout. So, given that, I knew I’d have to stay for at least two drinks. However, for those who prefer lighter beers, the choice was rather more limited.

This is the dry stout, although I also went for the imperial stout. The dry stout was rich, had notes of coffee but wasn’t overly strong even at its 4.4%. The imperial stout, Centrala Piwna Saint Satanislav, was 8% and was rich and a little sweet, although the afternotes of chocolate were pleasant enough.

The whole environment felt clean and modern, with the staff member being helpful and his English was excellent, although there’s no surprise there in Poland.