Peterborough – Bumble Inn

This pub reminds me of the Drayman’s Son in Ely as both are micro-pubs which have opened in former shops over the last couple of years. It’s easy to miss and I only went to find it because it is listed in the Good Beer Guide.

And here’s evidence of their entry in the Good Beer Guide 2019.

I opted for a seat near to the window watching the people of Peterborough meandering by, and I noticed three separate people thinking it was fine to throw rubbish on the floor. I also opted for this seat as it was near to a plug socket and my phone needed a little boost. Like me really with the beer.

The pub is only small and so it was inevitable that the list of beers is also small, but there’s a decent variety. I opted for half a pint of the Saltaire New Ground, costing £1.95, which was well kept and at the appropriate temperature. I’m not sure that I’ve had many beers with a stronger flavour of coffee, but I very much liked the taste. Although I’d order it again, I probably wouldn’t opt for a pint as it is just a bit too strong, but the flavour is still sufficiently rounded.

I didn’t get any photos of the pub interior as it isn’t that large and I’d have looked a bit obvious given that every table was full. However, there are around six tables in the pub, plus some seats at the window, and the welcome was immediate and warm. The customers mostly seemed to be locals and there was a friendly feel to the pub so that I didn’t feel like some dubious intruder into the pub’s proceedings. Or at least, no more than usual.