Palma – Palma Airport (Valldemossa Lounge)

Before my flight back to Gatwick, I had chance to spent a couple of hours in the airport lounge, which is located near to the entrance to A and C gates of the terminal. The staff were relatively friendly, although they didn’t overly engage, but the welcome was efficient and polite.

This is quite a sizeable lounge, with food and drink options on one side. There was plenty of seating available and this was across different seating styles, so customers could use whatever they felt was most comfortable. Full marks for the number of power points in the lounge as well, these were generously positioned around and in usable and accessible locations. The lounge has been recently refurbished and it’s clean and functional, although the lack of separate areas might make it quite noisy when busy. I’m not sure that the lounge had wi-fi of its own, but the airport wi-fi is free and fast.

The hot food, which didn’t look as exciting as this menu suggested.

The biscuit selection.

The doughnut selection, which was more than agreeable.

Cold meats and cheeses.

Salads, sushi and some form of sandwiches. The quality was at best average, but the choice was reasonable.

The drinks selection, with spirits and wines also available nearby. The soft drinks selection was quite broad and there was more choice in a neighbouring fridge. I was pleased with the Lemon Fanta, one of my favourite drinks.

I find this beer generic and bland, but it is a Spanish favourite, so its placing here in the lounge isn’t surprising. I’d have liked a better selection of beers, preferably ones with some taste, but the selection is standard for airport lounges. I had two Cruzcampo beers to check if they both tasted the same. They did.

The toilets are located within the lounge complex and these were clean and of a sufficient size for the number of customers. I can imagine that this lounge gets much busier during the summer months though. I was able to gain entry into the lounge because of status with BA, but otherwise it’d cost around £30 to get in, which seems very steep to me for the quality of the food and drink. I assume that the price point has been set this high as some of the lounge guests are looking to use it as an all you can drink facility, rather than as a location to relax and work in before a flight.

Anyway, since I didn’t spend £30 (my flight back to the UK didn’t actually cost that much) to get in, I felt it a comfortable and organised lounge.