Palma – McDonald’s Update

I’d feel very amiss if I didn’t mention some items on the McDonald’s menu in Spain that aren’t on the UK menu. I’ll also admit that the expected readership for this post is two, which is Dylan and Leon, my favourite McDonald’s connoisseurs. And I know Leon is up for trying new menu items, although the cucumber sticks were definitely an adventure too far.

The chicken burger is probably available in the UK, but potato wedges aren’t usually available in the UK, although they sometimes are. I still prefer fries, but variety is the spice of life.  And the things in the middle at the back are chicken bites, which don’t appear very often in the UK either. But, they’re most lovely. They go really well alongside Chicken McNuggets, to spice things up a bit.

And a layered coffee. Probably not for the tastes of young Dylan and Leon (not until Dylan is ten), but what is apparently condensed milk at the bottom and then some coffee arrangement above that I don’t understand. It’s particularly lovely. It looks pretty though. I nearly threw the glass in the bin thinking it was plastic, but I think it is actually glass…. It came with a proper teaspoon as well, very exotic for McDonald’s.

Probably not suitable for children until they’re at least eleven, McDonald’s also do beer in Spain. Won’t be long now until Dylan and Leon can start to begin their lessons, from me, in the delights of craft beer. I’m sure starting them on thirds is fine at the age of eleven.

Anyway, that’s my McDonald’s post aimed at two particular children finished   🙂    And hello from Palma, Mallorca and Spain!