Oxborough – Oxburgh Hall (Sir Henry Bedingfeld)

This is Sir Henry Bedingfield (1509-1583) who was the eldest son of Edmund Bedingfield, who had been entrusted with the care of Katherine of Aragon. Henry was also trusted with positions in the Royal Court, providing protection for Mary I (also known as Mary Tudor, 1516-1558) and then also being entrusted with the care of Queen Elizabeth I. Henry was rewarded for this loyalty, being made the Constable of the Tower of London and he was given a large pension for his support towards Mary I.

His reputation suffered during later years due to a smear campaign, but it’s likely that this was more fake news. Bedingfield was known as the ‘gaoler’, which was likely a tongue in cheek reference made by Queen Elizabeth to the role which he had at the Tower of London. Bedingfield found himself in a difficult position, as he was a Catholic now in the administration of a Protestant monarch. It was known what he was doing, he received fines for non-compliance and failure to attend church, whilst finding his property searched on numerous occasions.